This is a showcase of poetry from 9en6 at Nobel School.
Here is a selection of the fantastic poems they produced for our War poetry unit

Friday, 11 November 2011

Kyle Dunnell

The Sweet Country We all Died For.

There I Was On the Front line in the British Army
Fighting To Hear The Soldiers Either Dead
Or Screaming In Agony. The Enemy Had Fallen Back after we had attacked them. We Went To base and relaxed for another few hours
Soldiers were writing to their families or paying respect for their old friends who stared death in the eye.

The Next Day.
We Have Pushed em' Further back to their Capital
Another Soldier was killed in an Ambush
I Have Luckily Survived
It was Like Death
Charging At you
In A second...

Day 3 On the Frontline
Walking for days through sludge and Mud
Killing the enemy in almost every Blow
Who Knows Where The Rest Will Go
Planes Are Being Shot out of the Sky
When War Happens The Time Fly’s By
'Good Luck!' Says My Friend
Then An Hour Later For Him It’s The End.

50 Days Later
More and more die each day
More and more graveyards In which they lay
'Gas Is Coming Rally The Troops!'
They Put their masks on
Some Failed and Gas Filled their Lungs
The Charge to take the last base
We Ran and Most Survived it was like It would be an easy win but when it looked easy... I was shot dead by a Heavy Machine Gunner

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